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I’m happy to announce my new series Sweet Home, Texas with the first book Tangled Up releasing April 12, 2018. You can pre-order the title now at retailers. 


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About Tangled Up

Lucy Valentine blazes back into her hometown determined to save her high fashion assistant job in the city… easily, painlessly, and in twenty-four hours. However, things get out of hand fast when she unexpectedly runs into the rugged, outrageously hot new guy in town, Ford Hunt, and he throws a wrench in her plans. Now she must search high and low in town for the right model to save her company’s denim campaign—until she discovers her choices are limited and her best option is Ford Hunt.

Right? She can convince Ford to see the brilliance in her idea, because no stubborn rancher is going to stand in her way to become a successful designer.    

Ford is heir to a raw dairy ranch and is perfectly fine with his simple life. He wants nothing to do with Miss Head-in-the-Clouds city girl’s job offer. But the sexy redhead he can’t seem to get off his mind or out of his life is making things mighty distracting. In fact, Lucy has him strolling the downtown with her, buying her cupcakes, and daydreaming about those ridiculous (attractive) high heels she wears being in his truck, in his house, in his bed…Okay, he should definitely stay away. And he’ll do just that first thing tomorrow.  

But before Ford knows what hits him, he offers to help Lucy save her job. They head to his business convention in the city where a weekend in a charming hotel proves to be more dangerously tempting than either of them expected. Good thing Lucy has a plan, because this high-stakes game of heart-to-heart she’s playing with Ford could derail her best laid plans.