The Hiker’s Guide to Murder

The Hiker’s Guide to Murder

Series: Southern Exposure Mysteries, Book 2
Genre: Cozy Mystery

Coming December 7, 2020

Hiking the Kindling National Forest trails has been a birthday tradition for the Sullivan siblings in the small southwest town of Bushwhack. When a burial ground is discovered by Andie and her brother Kyle, bringing the disappearance of Kyle’s college girlfriend into the news again, outdoors guide Andie Sullivan and sheriff Zac Mars find themselves tangled in tragedy.

Then another girl vanishes, and it becomes clear that the bone yard is linked to an old cold case, putting Andie’s brother in the center of the mysterious crimes, ones more sinister than she or Zac could imagine. When the recent abducted girl is found murdered on the trail, resembling a string of cases in a nearby town, the residents of Bushwhack start demanding justice.

Fingers are pointed. At Kyle.


Then Kyle is arrested for the murders in the nearby town.

Double crap.

Andie isn’t about to let her brother go down for a crime he didn’t commit. Racing against the clock, Andie and sheriff Zac Mars are determined to uncover evidence to prove Kyle’s innocence. But as they get closer to the truth, they discover the killer’s next victim has a name and face: Andie. Now…Andie must stay one step ahead of a sadist killer or risk becoming the final vanishing girl.

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